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Xlerate was built to be simple to use and deploy, here’s some of the hassles (that you can live without) you won’t find when subscribing to our service.

    No IT headaches
    Hardware, licenses, support and maintenance.

    The beauty of the Xlerate service is that it is internet-based and offered as a fully managed service there’s absolutely no IT maintenance on your side. You can access and manage all your data on-line, with no need for any software installed at your site.

    No upgrade worries.
    Technology and business drivers are changing every day, when you subscribe to the Xlerate service you get all the new upgrades automatically without having to wait or go through an expensive or disruptive upgrade process. Map data is always current and up-to-date.

    No hidden costs. Single bill.
    With our service there no hidden costs just a monthly subscription and a one time fee.

    No installation hassles.
    All of our software and maps are delivered over the Internet, which means no on-site software or hardware installation. Each in-vehicle unit is simple to install just add power. Its gets done quickly and without fuss by our installers across the region, at a time and place of your choosing. In fact, the install is so simple that you may even prefer to have one of your own staff do it for you.
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