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Xlerate provides you with state of the art Fleet productivity solution that helps your business

Know where your vehicles are all the time in Real time with vehicle displayed on an accurate digital map. Our seamless map experience across the GCC region allows you to track your vehicles and assets as they move across borders.

Use the KPI dash board to setup and monitor your fleet’s performance (Km/liter, idling/day stops/day)

Our comprehensive real time alerting system monitors and reports on a number of events including Ignition On/off, idling, after hour’s un-authorized use of vehicles, time spent at customer site, over speeding, harsh breaking and acceleration, use of hydraulics, PTOs, vehicle CAN and J1708, temperature, load weight, telematics inputs and more

Ttwo way data & voice communication for cost effective messaging with your fleet. You can also dispatch jobs, receive status updates & confirmation messages as they occur in the field. The Xtend MDT software is quick and easy to use for drivers and field personnel

Fleet vehicle maintenance, renewals of licenses and certifications, fuel use and budgets, Trailers, tyres inventory & rotation, driver behavior and more

Our solutions are a fully managed end to end including in-vehicle hardware, maps, data and voice communications, best in class Software as a Service (SaaS), installation, training and support.

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