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The Xlerate Driver Monitoring Program is a risk management and safety enhancement tool that is designed to increase safety on the roads.

How does it work?
You can sign-up now for FREE to obtain the Xlerate vehicle Decal.

The decals read, "This Vehicle is Driver Monitored" along with our toll-free number (O800 XLERATE) and website address for fellow motorists to report any comments they may have.

Motorists can call toll-free 0800 XLERATE available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to report. All calls will be answered "live" by a CSR and recorded in a digital database.

Xlerate also provides a web-based reporting system where a motorist can report an observation online through our website. All incidents will be sent via email and any feedback provided to the motorist reporting the incident.

The decal itself provides an additional safety precaution. It made of a type of long lasting, reflective safety material has been proven by *NHTSA (US) to reduce rear end collisions by 30%.

    Reduce accidents & Save lives
    Studies by major insurance companies reported that if properly utilised, driver monitoring programs lower accident rates by as much as 53%

    Enhance Public Image
    Shows concern for public safety, letting the driving public know customer cares when we make it easy to report driving performance. Present a positive Safety Culture image.

    Save money
    Reduce vehicle repair costs, vehicle downtime expenses, delayed delivery expenses, cargo damage costs, and other paperwork and administrative costs. Reduce vehicle maintenance and improve drivers' attitudes and behaviors concerning wear and tear on brakes, engines, tyres, fuel, etc.

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