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Toll Management (Salik)

With the introduction of the Salik toll system in Dubai, managing the use and payment of the toll for large fleet owners and fleet rental companies can be a daunting task.

    For a rental vehicles matching the Salik fee to the customer who was renting the vehicle at that time.

    Making sure that Salik fees for vehicles not authorized to use toll roads are billed to the right driver.

    Drivers using company vehicles after hours on non-company related work pay their own Salik bills.

    Salik will send an SMS when an account needs top-up, this is good but not very usefull when you have 100+ vehicles
The Xlerate system provides a simple and automated method to handle Salik manage customer and employee billing for Salik fee and automated reporting and alerting when Salik accounts need top up.

The approach taken by most companies is to create a new position to manage Salik payments and billing to customers but The automated Xlerate system with a host of other benefits is a better approach.

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